I recently discovered the marvelous ...

I recently discovered the marvelous series from BBC on YouTube:

Stephen Fry in America

It is divided in six parts (one hour each) where Stephen Fry actually manages to visit each state of the US including Alaska and Hawaii. Stephen Fry is a gay, atheistic jew and not the least english man, so expect that he will find some of the more weird parts of the US (Actually nearly everything was new to me and I lived in the US for a year). But he has also preserved the open mind of a kid and its just a joy to follow him and see his astonishment about the wonderful and not so wonderful things in the US.

I actually liked the last part the most, not only because it includes the stunning landscapes of Alaska and Hawaii, but also because he made short interviews with Jonathan Ive (Apple Lead Designer) and Alexei Filippenko (a lucky astrophysicists who works on Hawaii and I also cited in my PhD thesis). But if you have 6 hours to spare watch the whole series. It’s worth it.



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