""" Facts. Snowden’s top 5 ...

""" Facts. Snowden’s top 5 secure programs

  1. Tor Anonymization software which bounces traffic through several computers to conceal where it is coming from. The easiest way of using is through “Tor browser” – a web reader configured for Tor.
  2. Signal Easy-to-use mobile application for IOS or Android which encrypts calls and chat conversations.
  3. Off the record Encryption method for chats which often is shortened OTR. Comes built in to some chat programs, for example Adium, exists as an add on to others.
  4. Tails OS Operative system specifically for integrity issues. Can be carried on a USB-stick and used in for example internet cafés. Leaves no traces on the computer.
  5. Qubes Operative system for the person who really cares about their security. Qubes splits the system’s parts and isolates them from each other, as if you had a computer for every program you were running, so that a security problem in one program will not affect other programs. “““