Anhören. Ernsthaft! ...

Anhören. Ernsthaft!

A 19-year-old musician just released the best Russian pop album of the year. Seriously. — Meduza

On May 25, Elizaveta Gyrdymova — aka “Monetochka” (Lil’ Coin) — released a new album called “Raskraski dlya Vzroslykh” (Coloring for Adults). Just two years ago, Monetochka made a name for herself with a collection of amusing songs uploaded to the social network Vkontakte, where she sings and plays piano. With “Raskraski,” however, Monetochka has fashioned her own tone and musical language, transcending what made her an Internet sensation. She’s now a national pop star. Meduza editor Aleksandr Gorbachev explains how this happened.