Journalist sein in Russland ist ...

Journalist sein in Russland ist gefährlich. Gerade wurde mal wieder ein Journalist wegen angeblichem Drogenhandels festgenommen:

Der Artikel, der ihm diese Festnahme beschwert hat, ist vermutlich der untige. Daher teile ich ihn mal, auf das ihn möglichst viele Lesen. Streisand-Effekt und so!

The penthouse family How relatives of Moscow’s deputy mayor earned billions on city contracts, amassing a fortune in real estate — Meduza

December 22, 2015, was a good day for the sales managers at the elite “Legend of Tsvetnoy” residential complex in Moscow. That day, somebody bought nine of the ten apartments on the top two floors of the central tower — enormous homes with panoramic glass windows and a view of the Kremlin that (in the developer’s words) “erases the boundaries between man and city, opening up the possibility of enjoying an unlimited view of the capital.” The total value of the apartments, according to Russia’s public registry, is more than 820 million rubles ($12.4 million). Based on the prices of similar penthouses in the Legend of Tsvetnoy, their market value could be as high as 1.6 billion rubles ($24.2 million).