Es gibt ja viele, die ...

Es gibt ja viele, die mich für verrückt erklären, wenn ich vorschlage Politiker statt durch Wahlen sie lieber durch Los aus der Bevölkerung zu bestimmen (so wie im antiken Athen). Aber es gibt inzwischen erste Schritte von Staaten in diese Richtung.

Die Mongolei hat nämlich tatsächlich in der Verfassung festgeschrieben:

“Deliberative Polling is now required by the law before the Parliament can proceed to consider amendment to few crucial constitutional provisions affecting parliament, the presidency and the prime minister. "

“The basic idea of Deliberative Polling is simple. A Deliberative Poll surveys a random sample of the population, both before and after it has been brought together to deliberate about the issues in depth. The success of the process requires a representative sample, an appropriately designed questionnaire administered both before and after the deliberations, balanced briefing materials as a basis for discussion, moderators for the small group discussions who are trained not to offer any hint of their own views, and questions from the small groups directed at competing experts in plenary sessions. The idea is to engage a representative sample with the best practical conditions for the people to really think in depth about the issues. Results are reported in the before and after questionnaire results, often showing significant changes of opinion. In this case, the quantitative results were the basis for recommendations to the Parliament about which proposals had strong enough support to merit consideration in a constitutional amendment.”

Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie sich das in der Mongolei entwickelt.

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