"The fashion industry is responsible ...

“The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions.”

“If the fashion sector continues on its current trajectory, that share of the carbon budget could jump to 26% by 2050”

“In Europe, fashion companies went from an average offering of two collections per year in 2000 to five in 2011. Zara puts out 24 collections per year, while H&M offers between 12 and 16.”

“Many of those fibers are polyester, a plastic found in an estimated 60% of garments. Producing polyester releases two to three times more carbon emissions than cotton, and polyester does not break down in the ocean.”

“(IUCN) estimated that 35% of all microplastics in the ocean came from the laundering of synthetic textiles like polyester.”

“the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of all industrial water pollution worldwide”

Fast Fashion ist ungefähr so gesund für unseren Planeten wie Fast Food für uns. Und Zara und H&M sind wie McDonalds und BurgerKing. Würdet ihr eure Kleidung bei McDonalds kaufen?


Business Insider

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