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Here I collect notes about a lot of things and topics I think are interesting.


Computer Science


Programming and Markup Languages


  • [http://www.eyeplorer.com] : Finding relations between wikipedia articles
  • [http://www.powerset.com/] : a search and discovery experience for Wikipedia, launched in May 2008, acquired by Microsoft.
  • [http://www.bing.com/] : Microsofts idea of web search
  • [http://ep.espacenet.com/?locale=en_EP] : Search engine of European Patent Office (EPO) for patents worldwide
  • [http://www.google.com/patents] : Googles search engine for patents in the USA
  • [http://patft.uspto.gov/] : USA patents search engine of the USPTO (U.S Patent and Trademark Office)
  • [http://publikationen.dpma.de] : German patents search engine of the DPMA (“Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt”)


  • P.h.D. = Permanent head Damage
Andreas Maier
Andreas Maier
Data Alchemist

My interests include machine learning, software development, physics and mathematics