Data Mining Algorithms

Bibliography Wu (2008):Top 10 algorithms in data mining Segaran (2007): Programming Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Web 2.0 Applications

Graphs in SQL databases

SQL Graphs in the database: SQL meets social networks – techPortal Working with Graphs in MySQL Graph database Social networks in the database: using a graph database Neo4j - a Graph Database that Kicks Buttox Large-scale Graph Computing at Google

Knowledge generation machines

At the moment we can use internet search machines to find knowledge, that was explicitly written on some webpage. But in my opinion the future of internet search will not be in finding better algorithms to search for this explicit knowledge.

Knowledge Paths

The process of knowledge generation involves finding links or connections between already existing pieces of knowledge. There are some applications out there, that can help with that: PaperCube PathWay, see also CNET: New Mac Review: Keep Wikipedia research focused with Pathway Also helpful would be a Google Scholar API, but it does not exist yet: