Immospider is a Python program that crawls the Immoscout24 website. You can use it to immediately receive an email when new apartments are available at the Immoscout24 website.


Superzon can be used to find the really best products on Amazon. It does that by reranking the Amazon search results using a bayesian average of the reviews taking the number of reviewers into account. It is implemented as a small webservice written with Flask in Python and deployed on Heroku.


Correl-O-Mat is a python script for analyzing correlations from the data of the [wahl-o-mat]( It generates a correlation matrix counting all questions where the parties agree with each other. This shows, which parties share opinions and therefor are similar to each other (with sometimes [surprising results](!).


Semaeval is a python package to evaluate the quality of semantic engines. It supports evaluation of the natural language processing capabilities of many engines like alchemyapi, semantria, textrazor. It also offers tools to get example texts in many languages from sources like, or


Python scripts for finding free conference rooms from a Microsoft Exchange Server.


This project offers some python scripts for generating a bilingual dictionary from a Wikipedia dump.

Python fuzzy string comparison

Fuzzy string comparison >>> import difflib >>> s=difflib.SequenceMatcher(None, "abcd","bcde") # Return a measure of the sequences’ similarity as a float in the range [0, 1]. # This is 1.0 if the sequences are identical, and 0.