Fluid mechanics

Turbulence modeling and the physics of the intra-cluster medium

FEARLESS (Fluid mEchanics with Adaptively Refined Large Eddy SimulationS) is a new numerical scheme arising from the combined use of subgrid scale (SGS) model for turbulence at the unresolved length scales and adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) for resolving the large scales.

Adaptively refined large eddy simulations of a galaxy cluster: turbulence modeling and the physics of the intracluster medium

We present a numerical scheme for modeling unresolved turbulence in cosmological adaptive mesh refinement codes

C+O detonations in thermonuclear supernovae: Interaction with previously burned material

In the context of explosion models for Type Ia Supernovae, we present one- and two-dimensional simulations of fully resolved detonation fronts in degenerate C+O White Dwarf matter including clumps of previously burned material.